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Legal Ally

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Are you looking for an experienced business attorney to help you with your needs for your small business? If you are, then Legal Ally located at Chicago, IL is the place for you to go. We have over 36 years of experience as a legal attorney in leading, global law firms. Our services include drafting and negotiating enforceable contracts and protecting intellectual property such as trademarks and copyrights. This helps make sure that your ideas are protected and that your brand is not copied by malicious parties who use your hard work for their own benefits. Legal Ally is also proud to provide opportunity for all. We are proud of our work with the LBGT community and our support of women business owners and entrepreneurs. To find out more about our services and schedule a consultation, visit our website at

Legal Ally

5514 N Wayne Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

(312) 622-5545


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